PIM Spring Sprint – March 28 till 31 in Barcelona!

by markg85

Hi Pim people,

The next PIM sprint is final. Both in date and location.

28 – 31 March


The duration of this sprint is slightly different. Usual PIM sprints
are 3 days where people arrive on day 1 and leave on day 3. Leaving an
effective 1 day where everyone is present. This time the sprint is
planned for 4 days with the intention of having 2 full days with
everyone present.

You can find the sprint page here [1]. Please register yourself on
that page if you plan to join.
If you want to reimburse your travel and/or hotel expenses then you
should fill those in before February 28. KDE e.V. will then decide if
your reimbursement is approved.

I’d also like to encourage anyone attending to take a few minutes and
add your points, meeting subject, projects or other related things to
the wiki [2].

I will send one or two reminders before Feb 28 on this list and on planet kde.


[1] https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/206
[2] http://community.kde.org/KDE_PIM/Meetings/PIM_Spring_2014_meeting