Frameworks porting notice: kDebug and qDebug need to go to qCDebug.

by markg85

Hi all,

After today’ frameworks meeting we (mostly David Faure and Kai Koehne)
discussed the categorized debugging support that is new in Qt 5.2.

I’ve written a detailed wiki page to layout the current status of
categorized debugging in Qt 5.2 and what we still need (and is coming)
in Qt 5.3. You can find that here [1].

For everyone. If you start a new port then please port the
kDebug/qDebug lines to qCDebug and set a category that makes sense.
Using numbers for the category string is not appreciated! Usually a
category is just the name of the application, library or even the
class if you go very detailed. The wiki [1] also contains an example
for that.

Also, by default when porting to a qCDebug line with a category you
won’t see log output because custom categories have everything
disabled by default. The wiki [1] tells you how to enable it.

Do you spot anything wrong on the wiki link mentioned a couple times
now? Feel free to change it, it’s a wiki after all :)