KDE PIM Autumn sprint, please register!

by markg85

Hi folks,

The doodle results pointed very clearly at the middle of November as
the ideal time for the next PIM sprint. So that is official now.
November 15 – 17 is set.

Daniel Vrátil very generously offered the sprint to take place at the
RedHat office in Brno (Czech republic). I happily accepted that so
that’s where the sprint is going to take place.

The sprint page has been created [1] and everyone planning to join is
invited to subscribe on that page. If you want to be able to reimburse
[3] your traveling and hotel costs then you have to provide those
costs before October the 1st of 2013.

You are also invited to fill in the stuff you want to work on (or
discuss) at the sprint on this [2] wiki page.

I will post this on planetkde as well and will post reminders once
every 4 weeks.


[1] https://sprints.kde.org/sprint/158
[2] http://community.kde.org/KDE_PIM/Meetings/PIM_Autumn_2013_meeting
[3] KDE e.V. will have to give an OK on the costs to reimburse.