PIM Autumn sprint searches for host in Germany

by markg85


The next PIM sprint, planned to take place somewhere in november, is still searching for organisations willing to host us.
The requirements are:

  • Host at least the number of people planning to attend (16 at this moment)
  • High preference for the weekend of November 15 till 17

More dates can be found here.

Besides this request we also have 2 very generous offers already:

  • In Spain at BlueSystems but that can only allow up to 15 people. There’s too little room for more.
  • In the Czech Republic at RedHat which can host as many people as want to attend.

While both offers are awesome, it does likely add quite a bit of additional traveling costs as most PIM hackers are living in Germany. Hence the preference for Germany and this post for searching hosts in Germany.

If you have a possible location that fits the requirements and is in Germany then please contact me. You can do so by commenting on this post, finding me on irc (markg85 in #akonadi and #kde-devel) or by sending me an email directly at markg85 at gmail dot com

I plan on finalizing both the weekend and the location for the sprint in this month so that leaves us only one more week at most. I don’t want to drag this out into September because that might be getting to close for some people to organize their own schedules in attending the sprint.